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Double Suites

1 Cat £9.50 per day (min 4 day charge for 1 cat)

2 Cats £14.50 per day *

Family Suites

3 Cats £20 per day *

4 Cats £25.50 per day *

5 Cats £32 per day *

6+ Cats please contact us for prices

 * Based on guests sharing who must be from the same household

Our prices are charged per day and are fully inclusive of all food (except prescription diets and breed specific foods such as Bengal, Persian etc.), grooming services, administration of medication, insurance cover (excludes pre-existing conditions), heating & cooling via automatic climate control.

15% discount available for longer term stays over 30 days

If you are interested in our family suites for your cat/cats for that added touch of luxury we are happy to discuss this with you and will try to accommodate whenever possible.

It is advisable to book early particularly at peak times.

Both the day of arrival and day of departure are charged as full days enabling you to collect your cat at your convenience and not be restricted to a collection deadline on the day.

Payment can be made by cash or debit card only at time of drop off

£25 deposit is payable at time of booking for first time customers