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Cats Health.

cat health

As Clay Hill Cattery is attended 24 hours a day seven days a week we can act almost immediately should a cat fall ill. In addition we keep a daily chart of each guest’s dietry, medication and toilet activities which enables us to spot any unusual behaviour at the earliest opportunity.  

Hands are meticulously sanitised before touching each cat.

Guests’ details are kept on our booking software including dietary preferences, vet details and emergency contacts. We also log details of any medication or special requirements.

There is the facility to regularly weigh cats throughout their stay to monitor any changes in weight if required.

Up-to-date worming and flea treatment is advisable before boarding your cat.  Any treatments that have to be given for fleas and/or worms whilst boarding will be charged on top of your total fees.

It is essential to protect the health of all the cats staying with us.   Cats are therefore inspected at the time of arrival and any cat which appears poorly will not be accepted.  However, we do rely on owners to disclose correct ages and past and present medical conditions at check-in.

If your cat is taken ill whilst in our care we will always try to contact you or your emergency contact in the first instance and your vet. However, if you, your vet and your emergency contact are not available we are supported by veterinary cover from the Stowe Veterinary Group, Cedarwood Vets Stowmarket and Highcliff Veterinary Practice in Hadleigh. We will always do our best to ensure that your cat is seen by a vet as soon as is physically possible in an emergency.

Clients are reminded that they are responsible for meeting veterinary costs should your cat fall ill during their stay.

Although stringent measures are in place to protect your cat whilst in our care, all animals are left at owner’s risk.

We do not board pregnant cats.

Please note for the safety of your cat collars without a safety release will be removed during your cat’s stay at the cattery.

We reserve the right to separate cats sharing from the same household during their stay should there be any animosity between the cats.