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Check-in and check-out are by appointment only to ensure you and your cat have our complete attention without distraction.

Due to the current high Covid transmission rates we are asking or customers to wait by their car and we will come out of the Cattery to meet you.  We would be grateful if customers could wear a mask whilst inside the Cattery building.

When checking-in please make sure you always bring with you the following:-

  • Up-to-date vaccination certificate (unless provided on-line beforehand)

  • A sufficient supply of any medication or prescription diet with clear instructions for administering

  • An agent or alternative emergency contact number based in the UK (please provide details on-line beforehand during Covid)

  • Details of your regular veterinary surgery

  • Details of last de-flea and worming treatments (dates and products used)

Everything is provided at the cattery during their stay apart from medication and special diet where applicable.   You are welcome to bring beds, blankets, toys etc. but please do not bring your cat’s own bowls due to Government Boarding Cattery Regulations.

Please ensure that you use a safe and secure pet carrier when delivering or collecting your cat and unless, kittens, only one cat per carrier to avoid injury during transit.

All Cats should be immunised against Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE) & Cat Flu (FHV & FCV). This is for the protection of all cats in our care. 

We are happy to board FIV positive cats although we do ask owners to notify us if they are aware their cat is FIV positive to closely monitor them for any symptoms associated with FIV.


Collection and drop off are by appointment only not only to give our guests our full attention when checking in and out but also to avoid meeting other vehicles in the lane wherever possible.  However, there are gateways and wide grass verges in lane where two vehicles can pass.  We would kindly request that all our customers drive carefully down Clay Hill Lane to avoid harming the wildlife in and around the hedgerows and woodland areas in Clay Hill Lane.  Please note there are cctv cameras on and around the property.